NO straws please!

This page will documenting my journey of saying no to straws.  Although I have been doing this for a while, I have decided to keep, and document, all the straws I end up with I didn’t want.  I thought it would be interesting to see over the course of one year (15th Feb 2017 – 14th Feb 2018) how many straws I get.  Each one will have a story as to how and why I got it.  I may even make something with them at the end!

  1.  19th Feb 17, thin red and white stripes.  From a resort in Montezuma, Costa Rica.  They had a sign stating “straws on request”, I commented on this and congratulated them for being so forward thinking,  my cocktail then arrived with this!  When challenged the staff member explained that I “needed” something to stir it with!! I expressed my disappointment.
  2. 26th Feb 17, white.  From a hotel in Carate, Costa Rica.  Asked for no straw in our smoothies and commented that we had our own.  Staff forgot as so automatic!
  3. 8th April 17, yellow.  From our driver on Phu Quoc island, Vietnam.  He bought us a coconut water in a whole coconut without asking.  It came with a straw!  Just after visiting the Bee Farm where they make their own straws from bamboo, which we bought.  The irony of this straw was wonderful!
  4. 14th April 17, pink and white strips bendy.  A very local vegetarian restaurant in Hue, Vietnam.  The waiter indicated he understood we had our own straws, which we showed him, but he had not.

    4. Vegetarian Restaurant in Hue, Vietnam

  5. 16th April 17, pink and bendy. Welcome drink at hotel in Hanoi. Had even looked at the person checking in before us and they did not have a straw in their drinks so thought we were safe.

    5. Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam


  6. 30th April 17, black. Already placed in a glass, put at each place setting for us to make our own cocktails at the Bompass & Parr “Kill it, Eat it workshop”.

    6. Bompass & Parr event


  7. 21st June 17, clear. Bar / restaurant in central London near City Point, requested no straw at bar but miscommunication between the staff. Forgot to keep the straw in my annoyance.

    7. Bar / restaurant , Central London, UK

  8. 25th June 17, clear x2 (!). Free range chicken shop in Brixton. Total fail we forgot to ask for no straw!  Not the staff’s fault

8. Brixton, London restaurant

9. 6th September – black – cocktail at a very (otherwise) ethical restaurant. The waitress who took the order and bar staff fulfilled my request, then the waiter who brought me the drink thought it had been missed so added it! During zero waste week too, oh the irony. Lead to a great discussion with the staff about why I didn’t want a straw and why I was keeping it.

9. Central London Restaurant

10. 7th October – Smirnoff Twizzle stick – I don’t normally include extra drink disposable bits.  The irony of this was that the boat we were on had replaced all their plastic straws with metal ones BUT still had disposable twizzle sticks!! And the straw actually had a built in stirring paddle at the bottom, so the stick was not even functional!

10. Disposable plastic stick with a metal straw! Cruise Boat.