The results of my “beer for plants” fermentation experiment

What am I doing?

Check out my first post on this topic to see what went into the mixture. Also why I wanted to create a fermented plant / soil food in the first place.

The results video

When Matt and I took the lid of this container we genuinely had no idea what we would find. If it would be fermented, what we wanted. Or a rotted mess, not what we wanted!

Check out this short video to see what we got:

A couple of small points

We left the mixture fermenting for 3 months, it should be done in 2 if you want it sooner.

After the video we strained the whole mixture through muslin to ensure we got all the bits out. As the mixture was applied to the plants with a sprayer, any bits could clog the nozzle.

We got around 3.5 litres of bio-ferment and added around 1 litre of stage 4 Bokashi compost run off.

The mixture was diluted 50:50 with water and then sprayed onto the plants.

Spraying “beer” onto the plants. You could use a pump, or hand, spray for smaller areas.

Apparently it is best used within a couple of weeks for full effect.

I will report back as to how the plants / soil responded to the experience.

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