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I have done a bit of yoga here and there over the years, at festivals, tasters, or lunch time sessions at work.  I always liked it but had never got “into it” as a regular habit or practice.  For those who don’t know, yoga is very broadly defined as; “a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation”.   However there are many types of yoga practice and if one doesn’t suit you then try a different type or different teacher.

Since discovering Yoga with Adriene, four months ago, I have been doing yoga at home regularly with my very old Wii Fit mat.  I didn’t want to get a new mat until I knew this renewed interest would become a habit.  Working at home, a lot these days, I know it is even more important for me to build exercise into my day, and to not be stuck at my desk.  Nowadays I miss out on the walk to the tube station to get my body moving in the morning, so yoga is a great way to help with my morning routine.

At Secret Garden Party festival last week I discovered my perfect yoga matt completely by accident.  Not only is it made from cork harvested sustainably in Portugal, and designed to last a lifetime, it also comes in a bag made from up-cycled sarees by young women recused from sexual exploitation in India.  Being cork it feels very tactile and has amazing grip when I’m getting all sweaty doing my yoga practice!

My sustainable yoga mat and up-cycled carry bag.

My sustainable yoga mat and up-cycled carry bag.

The company Cork Yogis explains it best;

“Our mission is to create huge sustainable impact on the cork industry by encouraging the use of natural, sustainably harvested cork in our products”. CorkYogis uses natural cork in our products, by doing this we are supporting the sustainable cork industry. We are supported by cork associations in Portugal and Spain for encouraging innovative ways to use cork. The more products we sell = the more cork trees planted.

“Our mission is help women living in India, who are stuck in the sex trade, break free from the industry and find dignified employment.

Now being a minimalist I am not suggesting that everyone who loves yoga reading this rushes out to buy one, not very sustainable!  But when your current mat is nearing the end of it’s life, dispose of it or re-home it responsibly (my old one is finding a new life via Freecycle). Then consider investing in a Cork Yogis yoga mat.  If you have friends getting into yoga, who have a sourced a temporary second hand one, suggest they invest in this incredible product.  They won’t be disappointed.  It’s also quite a talking point when out and about!

Currently they only ship to UK and Europe but if you are outside this area I am sure you could email and ask for a shipping quote.

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