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Fish and sushi can be a challenging sustainability topic. People watched in horror as net fulls of fish were thrown back dead on the TV show Hugh’s fish fight. Whilst John West are being boycotted for not even attempting to meet their own sustainability improvement targets. Should we even be eating fish?

Meet Moshi Moshi

The UK’s first sushi train restaurant. They have been at the forefront of the sustainable fish, and slow food revolution, for over 20 years.  Hidden at the back of Marks & Spencer’s Food, upstairs in Liverpool Street station. this is a true gem. Unusually for a restaurant in a station the architecture and design are quirky, fun and in keeping with Japanese style.  You can have a quick bite at the sushi train, or relax in a booth and order off the menu.

Moshi Moshi sushi train

Moshi Moshi sushi train

The best thing for me is that the menu is super sustainable, with most fish coming from a small family boat in Cornwall, that use environmentally friendly fishing methods.  They don’t throw away their by-catch and the fish is in Moshi Moshi the next day.  The meat is all from a free range farm in Essex, and the salmon is from a non-intensive fish farm (that’s a whole other blog post).

Membership deals, monthly newsletters, super friendly staff and sustainability touches at every turn make this my go to option when we are in the area.   Or  a very useful quick dinner after an energetic swing dancing class, like this evening.

How sustainable is your sushi restaurant?


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