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I live in East London with my husband Chris. Our sustainable and minimalism journey has been slowly evolving for over a decade. We started rehoming and recycling things we didn’t need around 10 years ago, we asked for activities for presents, and give activity or practical presents where possible, often food. Then a work colleague gave me a copy of Bea Johnson’s fantastic book Zero Home Waste for my birthday, I was instantly in love with the concept and wanted to do more. At the same time we were planning a major renovation of our two bed apartment that would also help us to re-evaluate all of our stuff. Much of our well loved furniture, which in some cases had been with us since university, would not be needed. The new flat design incorporated built in storage and a much better use of space. It was important to us that as many of these now un-required items found a new home, but that’s a whole post (or 2) in itself! Bea’s book lead me to The Minimalists, and they lead me to Be More with Less and The Mind Palace. I had been thinking it would be nice to do a blog, about my experiences and the London perspective, but didn’t think I had the time or the technical know how. Then the Live Your Legend Ted Talk appeared on my iPod and I was captivated. I signed up to their mailing list that night. When a few weeks later I got the email for the 7 day blog challenge it seemed the universe was trying to tell me something.

I am a contributor to the Zero Waste app for London.

The Little Green Duckie blog covers; sustainability, minimalism, mindfulness, volunteering, food related topics, and maybe a bit of knitting for good measure. My aim is to give people a succinct overview of a topic or issue. I include links for readers to explore further if they are interested. The links also show where I am getting my information from. I keep my posts short to make them easy to read on mobile devices or in quite moments.

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If you would like to write a guest post on an issue you are passionate about please message me at littlegreenduckielondon@gmail.com to discuss.

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January 2018


Snow angel fun on a recent trip to Norway

Snow angel fun on a trip to Norway