From 10 million people to just 55

It’s certainly not every holiday that you get to visit a friend who lives in such a small and inaccessible community.  The tiny community of Quatsino, Vancouver Island, has a year round population of 55.  This grows slightly in summer with tourists and seasonal home owners.  The village comprises of severn kilometres of houses and cottages built sporadically along the waters edge.  Not accessible by road and twenty minutes by boat to the nearest small fishing town.  This is not somewhere you can just pop to the shop for milk!

View from Quatsino

View from Quatsino

Residents have more amenities than you might think, and more than some UK villages.  A post office, mail boat twice a week, museum, fishing lodges, community garden, recycling centre, library, church, primary school and everyone capable is automatically in the fire brigade.  Less tangibly but importantly they also have; fewer distractions, the option to be off grid, closeness to nature, lack of imposed conformity, less bureaucracy, lower living costs, cheaper land and the option to be self sustaining.

The wonderful experience of this remote lifestyle came about because I got chatting to a guy on a bus trip in Ecuador 5 years ago. We struck up conversation based on a mutual interest in the environment and sustainability.  We spent much of the journey discussing the horrors of tar sands oil extraction.  Being Canadian this was a hot topic for him.  We became friends on Facebook and this enabled us stay in touch, especially as Ken has moved around a lot.

When he moved to Quatsino he was so taken with his new surroundings he posted on FB encouraging friends come and visit him.  We were in the process of planning this Canada trip and everything fell into place.  Even more coincidentally he has been thinking about starting a blog recently, but knows no one with the tech knowledge to advise him.  Along I come with links to a step by step process, and my experiences. Showing that it is possible to start a blog with little expertise.

This experience has taught me that if you meet someone, and have a strong common interest, or connection, it is worth making the effort to link via social media.  This can allow wonderful things to happen.  In this case; finding more common interests, advice, support, visiting somewhere totally different, inspiring knowledge sharing and spiritual discussions.  This might not be straight away, it might be years, it might be never, but it’s worth giving it a go.  You may end up getting totally out of your comfort zone and learning a lot along the way.

Our inspirational host Ken.

Our inspirational host Ken.

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