Soulful Simplicity – Book Review

I don’t buy many books new, being an aspiring minimalist. Managing a book swap in Stratford Station, and having a number of magazine subscriptions, means that I have quite a lot of reading material. However I requested this book for Christmas after following Courtney’s blog, for around 4 years. The blog content is around simple living, decluttering, reducing your wardrobe (Project 333) and minimalism. I find it very practical, inspiring and not overwhelming.

As well as thinking this book would be a useful read, I wanted to support a blogger who I get a lot of value from. Her writings cover so much more than decluttering your wardrobe, or your kitchen. Partly clearing out and re-programming your brain, partly ideas for intentional practices. These include morning routines ideas and working out what you actually want to do with your time. Rather than continuing tasks, activities and habits that you have been doing out of obligation. Or because you have done them for so long it didn’t occur that you don’t need them anymore.

Soulful Simplicity by Courtney Carver

With all the build up to the book release on Courtney’s blog my expectations were still exceeded. Of course the book covers some of the material from the blog, but there was a lot I hadn’t read. When curled up reading the book I find myself in a different mindset, to reading a 500 word blog post on a screen. There is time to submerge myself in Courtney’s very engaging personal story. I like the way that she tells the reader what has worked for her and suggests that you take from it what will work for you. There are practical exercises and suggestions of small steps to take. I especially love her “busy boycott” concept. This includes, among other things, the radical idea of not using the word “busy” in conversations. It’s harder to do than I expected. This book is suitable for wherever you are on your simplicity journey.

See if your local bookshop has it in stock, or can order it. For online options see Better World Books or Wordery (who ship worldwide). do not seem to be stocking it as yet.


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