Decluttering the in-laws – 2 months on

Two months ago my husband and I were faced with this sight, in our quest to help our parents / in-laws with decluttering their overwhelming garage stuffed with stuff.

The garage as we found it two months ago.

The garage as we found it two months ago.

See my first two blog posts, part 1 and part 2, about how and why we were doing this!  Two months ago we left them with a number of mutually agreed objectives, how have they got on?

  • Sort through the left side of the garage; stick to the four categories of keep, sell, give away or recycle – this is complete!
  • Sort out the boxes already categorised as “selling” into car boot or auction – this is almost complete.
  • To take 6 boxes to auction by the end August – cancelled – the auction house has been found not to be suitable as the fees were to high for the value of items they have.
  • To go to 2 car boot sales by the end of August – complete – attended three.
  • Post 5 beanie babies (these are ones of some value) onto eBay – decided this was more hassle than it was worth, so these have been sold at a car boot
  • Post two items per week on the local Facebook groups (free or selling) – this has been done for some items as appropriate.  We are helping with a couple more things while we are here.
  • Extra achievement – they have also taken a few boxes of items to the local charity shop, these were things that have not sold at the car boot.
This was the garage we found this time.

This was the sight we found this time, well on it’s way to being decluttered.

They have shelving on one wall so boxes can be safely accessed, and importantly they know the contents.  All the boxes for the car boot sales are by the door for easy access into the car.  Anything that does not get sold at a car boot will get taken to the local charity shop, or given away on the local Facebook group.  I will note that Mr Little Green Duckie does have a box of collectable cars that we will be removing and re- homing ourselves very soon.

The in-laws feel happy with what they have achieved, but note a summer of visitors and activities has held them back from doing more.  The other main challenges have been; the best car boots only happen on Sunday’s, the weather can rain off a car boot, and putting things on eBay can be complex and take a long time.  However with a car boot sale every weekend during the year, in the local area, the in-laws are very hopeful they will be able to re-home a lot more before Christmas.  Their sights are set on the attic contents for 2017!

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