Decluttering my in-laws (Part 2)

You can read about part 1 of the decluttering blog post here.
As you can see from the photos below, the progress through days 2 to 3 was impressive!
End of Day 2- making progress

End of Day 2- making serious progress

You can see the garage floor by day 3!

You can see the garage floor by day 3!

The difference is striking!

The difference is striking!

In our four day visit we managed:
  • 2 car loads to the council recycling centre, plus one more was ready to go the day after we left.
  • 3 car loads to the local charity shops.
  • 5 items given away on local FB groups.
  • 2 items sold on the local FB selling groups.
  • 5 more items listed on the local FB groups.
  • 10 items listed on EBay (5 have since sold).
  • 30+ books for the book swap shelves in Stratford station.
  • Many boxes of old paperwork and cards recycled.
  • We found out about a local auction house, some of their collectable items can be taken and sold easily.
  • Also given to charity; a dining table, three seater and two seater sofas.  The three seater had to go out of the lounge first floor window!!  I am pleased to say it survived the experience.
We discussed and agreed the following objectives;
  • Sort through the left side of the garage; stick to the four categories of keep, sell, give away or recycle.
  • Sort out the boxes already categorised as “selling” into car boot or auction.
  • To take 6 boxes to auction by the end August.
  • To go to 2 car boot sales by the end of August.
  • Post 5 beanie babies (these are ones of some value) onto eBay.
  • Post two items per week on the local Facebook groups (free or selling).
But most importantly we have very happy in-laws / parents, who feel for the first time in years “they can breathe”.  Their way of thinking about their stuff has changed, instead of thinking that they have to sell everything they are more happy to donate things.
We have half jokingly and half seriously told them we will be checking on the progress when we visit in August.  But as we all know accountability partners are what makes things actually happen!  I will keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “Decluttering my in-laws (Part 2)

  1. Part two still working through the box’s must clear more before inspection in August?
    Great blog ,the outlaws approves?

  2. We need to so the same with our out house and as we both hate doing car boot sales (they go on for far too long in France!) we thought we might see if anyone would buy a job lot of our stuff as a boot fair starter kit type of thing! Popping by from Zero Waste Heroes.

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