What’s in my re-homing box?

I quite often end up with things belonging to my friends. Items they have left at my house. Things they have left at a party. Items I have borrowed and need to return. Stuff to return on behalf of someone else. You know the kind of scenario.  We all have that friend who always leaves something wherever they go! As the sharing economy becomes more common I feel the level of borrowing intentionally, rather than items forgotten, will mean we all have more items to return.

In order to make this easy, not lose things, or forget where I have put them, I have a re-homing draw. One space in my hallway where all these things go. Sometimes with labels attached if I am not seeing the person for a while. Or it is not obvious who it belongs to. If it’s too big for the draw, or it’s something we are using for a while, then I might put a note in my “loans & borrowing” Wunderlist. This is also where I list things of mine I have leant to someone else.

See my 1 min Vlog of what’s in my re-homing box right now.

I realised this is not common practice when I have said to friends “I have something in my re-homing box for you”. Or I’ll put that in my re-homing box until I see X again”. This is often met with a blank stare and a request for an explanation. Some people very impressively manage to just remember this kind of thing. My brain needs a bit of extra help.

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