Find the zero waste lifestyle businesses where you live

There is a new app out on iOS (Andriod coming soon) to help people find their local businesses facilitating a zero waste lifestyle.  Simply called “Zero Waste App”. Includes categories for ; zero waste stores, ethical restaurants, menders, second hand clothes shops, composting facilities and farmers markets, all in your own town or city.
Set up so you download the app for free, but then pay per city you wish to unlock (99p). You can see how many (if any) businesses are listed for the place, and the categories they are in, before you decide if you wish to unlock it.

The overview of a city you see prior to purchase

Why I love it

I really love that each city’s listings are crowd sourced by the people who live there. It is super simple to add business details and a photo. I don’t just use it for the city I live in, I see if my holiday locations are listed too.  The app also works offline once the city is unlocked. The menu button at the top left allows me to open the companies website, the location in Google Maps, or copy the address to another system. The integration with Google Maps means that updates to information such as address, opening hours, website, telephone number are synced. If you know something has changed you can use the “suggest edit” link in the details of a location in Google Maps.

An example listing from London. Bulk Market, Hackney.

The app is in its early days, so there may be teething problems. I had it crash after I had loaded a new entry. However a quick email to the creator and she confirmed my listing had been received. There is a check on listings being put up so your entry is not instant. This is to ensure that inappropriate businesses are not included.

How you can help

The developers are looking for people to add listings all over the world so check out your location. If your favourite places are not listed add them in. If your town / city is not there at all, contact the creator and ask for it. Currently there are 27 locations with more about to come online. Check out the full list here.
Your help is also needed promoting the app via social media and zero waste networks. This will only work if people are adding to it as well as using it for reference.

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4 thoughts on “Find the zero waste lifestyle businesses where you live

  1. Being a bit of a techno-dinosaur I still do not have a smartphone but I can see this being a very useful app fpr those who do ie practically everyone else in the world! I hope it can be used to inspire more people to reduce how much waste they create when shopping.

    Thank you for adding this post to #GoingGreen. The next linky opens on Feb 5th so I hope you can join in.

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