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Our local producers of food and drink are what makes an area special.  Celebrate these people, and places, where ever you live, or where ever you visit.  Just remember they may be harder to find, its not like they have a huge advertising budget, but you won’t be disappointed.

Check out my 1 min Vlog on local producers.

Some places to find new food and drink producers where you live;

  • Farm Drop – connecting customers with farmers  on a platform that is like online supermarket shopping and with delivery.
  • Food Assembly – a local space to buy local produce.  Order in advance online so the producers know how much to bring and avoid waste.
  • How to find the details of your local farmers market (UK only). Or maybe you want to see if the town you are visiting has one.

My favourite local producer at home is the E5 Bakehouse, an East London institution, their sour dough “Hackney Wild” bread is hard to beat.  Oh, and they have cake 🙂

One thought on “1min Vlog – local producers

  1. I love this vlog and you are so right. If we could all shift some of what we spend to the pockets of small local producers and away from the mega corporations we would help so many people and the planet as a whole. Even things like holidays – you mention Trip Advisor which is great for getting ideas but if you are looking to book a holiday then do try and search out the owner direct and that way neither you nor they will have to pay booking fees or commission and you will be helping a small, often family run business.

    Popping by from Zero Waste Heroes! and hoping you might link this post to my Going Green linky ?

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