Exploring digital downtime

Over the weekend I was invited to a cottage birthday party in the Cotswolds (UK). This was a good time to fully live in the moment and use my technology as little as possible. I have been trying to have 20-30 mins of pre-bed digital downtime a night. This event seemed like a way to extend this practice. But could I do it, and would I be able to encourage others to join me?

It turned out that geography and lack of network coverage were in my favour. Almost no one had phone signal and the only wi-fi was in a separate part of the complex.


Our beautiful ‘cottage’ for the weekend!


After posting my seventh Live Your Legend Challenge blog post on the slow wifi, I was able to switch off from the world, and it was amazing. No one was checking their phones, posting FB or looking at email, it changed the atmosphere and dynamic of the party for the better. Phones were mainly in bedrooms, without signal or with dead batteries. Occasionally one was used as a camera.

I also relished the media black out the lack of phone signal created and we were certainly too busy and having too much fun to turn on a TV! We were in our own wonderful world for 72 hours with food, friends, activities, music, dancing and catching up.



Walking in the Cotswolds

Its not often this happens, and this time without distractions of the past, future, or other places is very liberating.

When could you give yourself digital downtime?

Maybe just a couple of hours, a day or a whole weekend. Try 20-30 minutes of digital downtime before bed. It has been shown to help your brain get into a slower pace for sleep, and could help your mind stop racing when it’s meant to be dreaming.


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  1. May I suggest those struggling with digital downtime consider purchasing a not-so-smart phone -got mine from some nice crooks in Wood Green high street five years ago… bargain!- to be used as appropriate?

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