My allotment is featured in West Essex Life Magazine

As some of my readers know I share an allotment with my friends in Wanstead (East London), just up the Central Line from where I live. We have been working on permaculture and no dig principles, experimenting with different plants and pest control. A wormary has just been installed, along with a Bokashi composting system. Having a 6th floor balcony at home means I can compare how different plants cope with the very different environments.

We were approached by West Essex Life magazine via the allotment management committee. Their reporter was creating a feature on allotments, but wanted someone under 40 to interview. I just scrape into that one ūüėČ

This is what what West Essex Life magazine looks like!

My interview page.


The other people who were interviewed for the piece.


Avid LGD subscribers may remember my bio ferment experiment, this is nearly ready and I am going to be unveiling the results very soon.

If you have any kind of outside space, from a window box to a garden, what you might be able to grow? It’s easier than you think! As mentioned in the above magazine article (and previous posts) one of my main sources of inspiration has been the blog Vertical Veg. ¬†All you need to know about what, and how, to grow in a small space. You don’t need a garden centre nearby. I get my seeds online from an organic supplier Tamar Organics. Making my own compost saves me money and the challenges of transport without a car.





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